blue smPinoyBiz local are those who have Pinoy businesses in the Philippines. We want to help you extend your horizon and expand your opportunities. You may be any of the following:

  • 1.     MSME business (MSM) - These are businesspersons handling micro, small, or medium enterprises. As the world becomes a more competitive business arena because of the ever increasing effects of gloabilization and technology innovations, it becomes even more imperative for SME businesses to find affordable but effective ways to expand their markets and gain access to information and technology that will help them be more competitive. Especially for the micro enterprises whose day-to-day operations is a major struggle in itself, PinoyBiznet is here to provide inexpensive means to help you grow your business.
  • 2.     Self-employed professional (SEP) - These are professionals like doctors, accountants, lawyers, real estate brokers etc., who are practicing their profession as a personal business. Here at PinoyBiznet, you will find information and technology guides that will help you leverage existing tools to help you effectively market your services to more clients both online and offline. In the future, we will also providing you with online tools to help you manage your business more effectively and efficiently.
  • 3.     Entrep startup (ENS) - These are enterpereneurs who are just venturing into their first business. Or it may not be their first business but the struggles of putting up a new venture are as daunting just the same. Here at PinoyBiznet, you will find a network of kindred spirits who are very much willing to help you in your startup journey. The networking facility and online discussion boards can greatly ease the burden of finding answers to the most common startup questions.
  • 4.     Techno-venture startup (TVS) - Because of the added challenges that a technology-based venture brings, we have separated this category of startups to give it additonal focus and attention. Information on how startups are being helped and facilitated elsewhere in the world will form the core assistance that PinoyBiznet can offer to these global breed of new business ventures.
  • 5.      Franchiser / franchisee (FRA) - PinoyBiznet also provides a productive environment for those engaged in the business of franchising, both for those who are providing the franchise as a franchiser or those who are availing of the franchise as a franchisee.
  • 6.      Multi-level Marketers and Direct Sellers (MLD) - If you're into network marketing or multi-level marketing, or you're a direct seller, PinoyBiznet is also here to help you. Whether to help you analyze if the MLM or direct-selling company you joined is a good fit to your current business goals and objectives; or to simply help you grow your MLM or direct-selling organization, PinoyBiznet will be your steady business guide.
  • 7.      Cooperatives (PCO) - these are for Pinoy cooperatives registered with the cooperative development authority.
  • 8.      PinoyBiz Employees (PBE) - Pinoys employed by Philippine businesses looking for resources that will help them in their respective jobs especially those that are involved in, but not limited to, the following areas: General Management, Human Resource, Sales and Marketing, Information Technology, and Admin and Finance.
  • 9.      PinoyBiz Students (PBS) - Students who are doing research related to Philippine businesses, or those who have business-related courses or subjects, including Technopreneurship.


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PinoyBiz Local

blue smI am a Pinoy business in the Philippines. I want to expand my horizon and expand my opportunities.


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PinoyBiz Abroad

green sm I am a Pinoy business based abroad. I want to touch base with my home country and to explore partnerships with Pinoy businesses back home.

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Foreign Business

orange smI am a foreign business wishing to establish connections and potential business deals with Pinoy businesses.

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Service Provider

red smI am a service provider and I wish to offer my services to the PinoyBiznet community.

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